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Weekly Supplement August 28, 2013

August 28, 2013

This week we had our big move to the West Campus. Our apartment is located at Wyview, and all of the classrooms, dining, and services are at Raintree. My feelings are mixed at this point. There are two bedrooms in our apartment and my companion and I ended up with the worse of the two. Our room has a bunk bed, small closet, one desk big enough for a single person, and a small dresser with four drawers. Our roommates however are much more fortunate than us. They have a nicer bed, two closets, one of which is a walk-in, and two desks. Their accommodations are much better than mine, which kind of blows. Such is life though.

We were also greeted with another surprise at our new apartment. It must have been a while since someone lived there because the toilet had very little water, a huge clump of hair, and what looked like a crushed up dog biscuit in the bowl. The hair made sense to me but I just cannot figure out how the dog biscuit made it in there. To say the least, it was pretty disgusting. I sacrificed a wire hanger to fish it out and then let a cup of bleach with water soak in there for an hour before we used it. Photos attached.

In each of the rooms at the old campus are large closet/dressers in each of the rooms. On the top of these is a small board that someone can pull up and hide stuff in. The common term is the “Narnia Hole”. Missionaries will leave items for future residents. When we moved in, to our disappointment, ours was empty. But we were not going to allow ourselves to go without leaving something for the next batch of scoundrels. Some of the photos attached showcase this. We left a can of root beer and some kind of a snack, but most importantly, a letter. Each of us wrote a brief message. I decided to have some fun with mine. The following details my words:

“From my mother I learned patience. From my father I learned hard work. The walls of this place are growing closer. They say I can go when the dear prophet says I can, but that day will never come.  There is no asylum here. There is no hope. Madness is at the doorstep. I welcome it in. We embrace, and now I fall. Good night my friend, it’s time to go to sleep.”

My guess is that some future resident will be creeped out or confused by it. Sadly, I don’t expect many to find humor in my words.

For whatever reason we have been pretty lucky with our devotional speakers. Last night Elder Anderson addressed us, which was very surprising considering that Elder Scott was only two weeks ago. Because we were down at west campus and the walk was long, they allowed us to leave for the devotional early. This worked out well because we were able to score seats in the fourth row. The main theme of his talk was “love and sacrifice”. We sacrifice for what we love, and therein love more so what we sacrifice for. It was refreshing to listen to.

The weather after the devotional made the walk back to our classroom interesting. It was raining. This wouldn’t have been as much of an issue a week ago. However, the move to West Campus earlier that day added a good ten minutes onto our travel time. By the time we were back, everyone in our district was soaked. We held a short twenty minute district meeting to talk about Elder Anderson’s words and then quickly made it back to the apartment to dry off. On a positive note, we were able to get a nice photo from it. So that is good. Overall it was cool to walk back in a storm and I enjoyed the experience.

The final high note of the week was with Elder O as always. Because he is from Serbia, he frequently brings up “unlikely” facts about his country. Some of my favorites are: during the Cold War, Yugoslavia had the third largest economy behind Russia and the United States; or Serbia has Europe’s third largest airport; and my favorite, Serbia produces one third of the world’s raspberries.

Well our district convinced a teacher that was subbing for our class to pull up the Wikipedia page on the country so we can check on his claims. As expected, most of them proved to be wrong. However, the raspberry claim had some truth to it. They are a main exporter of raspberries and do produce a lot for the world.  I doubt one third is the amount, but it still was a large amount. My favorite line Elder O said when we were going over the article is, “Don’t believe what it says about NATO aggressions. Serbia deserved that.” It made me laugh.

The MTC is good, the language is bad, and the work continues. Life just keeps on moving forward.

с любовь

старейшина ханкок


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