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Short this week…

September 11, 2013

Three weeks until my flight in country. Right now my language is not good at all. Vocab is incredibly difficult for me, so my goal before I leave the MTC is to have a strong foundation on grammar principles. The most difficult thing right now is the verbs. Grammar behind them is tricky because it forces each verb to have two different words describing it, and each work has seven different forms. Which means that each verb has fourteen different variants to listen for. Sometimes it is easy to catch them, but other ones do not sound similar at all. I talked to one of my teachers Brat B, and he explained that I won’t really be able to speak the language by the time I leave the MTC and our efforts here are to learn how to be a missionary and study more than anything. This was encouraging and helped me be a little more confident in my progress.

On Saturday, Provo was hit by a hurricane. Probably one of the strongest rain storms I have ever been in. It was way awesome because the storm started as we were walking to our dorms to get dressed for gym. Wyview does not have the facilities for physical activity yet, so all working out is done outside. It rained like crazy our entire gym time and our zone spent it running around. Without a doubt the most fun thing to happen at the MTC so far. I did some laps around the parking lot and ran around through giant puddles which was so enjoyable. Afterward our campus looked way trashy. Trees had lost tons of branches and trash cans flipped over. Even today it still looks pretty bad. But it is getting cleaned up slowly.

Elder O passed a kidney stone this last week. It was funny but ended up being a strong experience for him and his companion. In the night during our last classroom instruction he said he needed to go to the front desk because his side hurt. One of his companions went with him and they were then taken to the E.R. It passed in two hours. Afterward when they were waiting at 12:30 A.M. for their shuttle, a man smoking a cigarette with his girlfriend came up to them. He said his dying mother in the hospital needed a priesthood blessing. They of course agreed and following him to his mom’s room. There they spoke for a little bit and then gave her a blessing. Their depiction of the story was really incredible and a unique experience to say the least.

Two thirds though my time with the training wheels. October 1 is approaching fast. Time is moving faster than I like.

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Старейшина Ханкок


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