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Where did the time go?

September 25, 2013

Our grilled cheese experiment last week was a complete success. We picked up some butter cubes from the cafeteria and the rest of the ingredients came from the BYU Creamery. The first step was to get the butter cubes to room temperature. This was accomplished by holding them in a tight fist until the heat from our body could soften it enough. Apply to two pieces of bread. Two slices of cheese. Wrap in aluminum foil. Place hot iron set to “cotton” on top and apply pressure. Move iron around during cooking to ensure even heat distribution. Once the side being cooked is hard, flip over and repeat the final step. The miracle of this is how effective it was at making a decent grilled cheese. It was perfectly golden brown, cheese thoroughly melted, and quite delicious. I am able to make a much better sandwich with an iron than I am with a pan and hot stove. It even beats out a George Foreman grill. My roommate and I made grilled cheeses every other night this week because it worked out so perfectly.

Last Wednesday my companion and I had a very nice time teaching a volunteer at the MTC in what is called “T.R.C.”  It was about prayer. Beforehand I had absolutely no idea about how I was going to able to approach the lesson and was frustrated to the point that I broke my pen in half. With five minutes to go, I just decided to go into it and see what would happen. It started out with some small talk between us where we talked about hobbies and other misc. worldly things. I decided to start talking about the importance of understanding our relationship with Heavenly Father before we begin to pray. If we can really understand how He feels about us, our words to Him will be more sincere and humble. It was a great experience and afterward the person we talked to say that this lesson was exactly what he needed to hear.

We also played a joke on one of our teachers, Brat B. Elder C in my district received an apple pie from his mom in the mail. There was really no good reason that we could think of as to why she would send an apple pie. It’s not a food he is crazy about. It was not home made. Apple pie is not a family tradition for them. It was just a pie. He ended up not wanting to eat it and had absolutely no idea as to what he should do. After a couple of days an opportunity had arisen where the pie could be useful. Brat B parked his car outside our classroom and while he was busy we put it on the roof with a note saying, “S: A gift for a very special guy, from a very special friend.” in pink and girly hand writing. When he found it his suspicions immediately came to us, his students. This was expected. But when Brat B confronted us about it, we just asked his how the heck we were able to get an apple pie in the first place. This simple question had him doubting himself and we were able to keep it going for a couple days before we finally confessed. It was pretty entertaining.

My district walked over to the furthermost edge of Wyview for the football game. After class finished at 9:30, we decided to see if anything of LaVell Edwards stadium was visible from the southernmost tip of campus. We could see some of the bleachers from where we sat but more importantly, we could hear the words of the announcer. Utah 13, BYU 0, he said. It was good to hear. We went back at ten o’clock while half time was going on. I was very satisfied to hear the final score the next day and Elder C was as well.

My travel itinerary came as well. Totally lucked out. One flight from Salt Lake City to Amsterdam, three hour layover, and then from Amsterdam to Ukraine. We don’t even have to wake up that early in the morning because we need to be ready by 5:30. Some of the other Elders and Sisters need to be ready at 2:30 or earlier, which really sucks because they cannot stay up all night, and are still required to be in bed going to sleep at 10:30. Five more days and Kyiv will be my new home. Very close.

This will be my last email from the MTC. These two months have gone by pretty fast overall, even though some of the days never seemed to end. I’m not prepared enough yet to go into country, but I’ll just have to hit the pavement hard and start running. This next month is going to be fun.

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