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Pray for Safety

January 24, 2014


Hello Everyone,

So over the past couple of days, police have started opening fire on protesters in Kiev. The numbers I have received from locals here are than five people have died so far. The main opposition leader, Oleg Tyagnybok, has called for the people to rise up in revolution. The protests in Maidon are accelerating and some of the missionaries in Kiev have been told to stay in their apartments. 


In light of all these new events, President Klebingat has asked that all missionaries prepare a 72 hour kit for our apartments, and send a brief email home letting you know that I am safe. So this is my email. I am safe. People in Bila have not been actively protesting in the streets here, but many of them talk about how they support the protesters. I should be fine for the most part, and if things begin to grow out of hand, things will be taken care of as far as I am concerned. 


A couple of laws were passed last week that started the sudden growth in activity. First, the president made it illegal to post any negative comments about him on social networking websites, or any other public four for that matter. Second, they made it illegal to have a caravan of more than five cars because many people would place European Union flags on their cars and drive around the cities in lines of thirty cars, honking their horns. Many people were upset over these.


All is good with me. This has not really affected my missionary work; except for that many of the people who I talk to, just want to talk about the revolution.  We will see what happens in the coming weeks.




Elder Hancock



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