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A Snowy Week

January 27, 2014

Just a warning at the beginning here, this email will be a little shorter than they usually are. As I am sitting at the computer, I cannot for the life of me remember what my companion and I have done in the past week. I looked at Elder Bechthold and asked him what he is writing home about and his answer reflected my situation, “Honestly, I do not know of anything worth writing.” So we are both here staring at our screens just waiting for something to come to our minds worth writing about.

I’ll start off with the growing political situation in Ukraine. Those of you who have been paying attention to the news are probably aware of the riots in Kiev. Up to last week this has not really affected me, except for the fact that people want to talk about the president rather than the gospel. People have begun to form their own rallies. They are small right now, only fifty people, but it slowly grows, and more and more feel the need to raise their voice. President K asked that all the missionaries make sure that we have a seventy two hour kit in our apartments. As such, we had to drop our planned activities and prepare that immediately on Wednesday.

On one of the days earlier in the week, we actually had six inches of snow fall. As such, I had the idea to buy some shovels and walk around the city asking people if they needed help with their walks. A couple of people were happy to accept, but most of them preferred to go about doing the work themselves. Maybe it’s weird for two Americans dressed in a tie and slacks to come up and offer to clean your driveway. What ended up being more effective was going to the houses of members and shoveling for them. They were all very happy and surprised to see us outside their door.

On Thursday we had set up a lesson with this old babushka that lives alone and is in a wheel chair. The last time I tried to visit, I called in the morning to confirm the appointment and she immediately hung up the phone when she heard my name. I called back again and she said we were not welcome. So last Sunday I talked to her and she wanted us to come over again. Thursday morning I called to confirm the appointment and the same thing happened as before, I said my name and she hung up. This time we just decided to stop by anyway. I bought some flowers for her along the way in case she had company, so we could give her the present and head out. But when we arrived there was no one there and she was more than happy to have us over. I have no idea about the phone calls and have just decided that it’s best just to go to her house no matter what. She thanked us for the flowers and showed her appreciation by feeding us pickled tomatoes. Not one of my favorite things to eat there.

I have also found out who my next companion will be. His name is Elder D and I will be staying with him here, however in a different apartment, which is a huge blessing because our current one is the least expensive in the whole mission and the quality lives up to the price. Also, Elder K, who was my trainer will be coming here to serve next transfer which I am way excited for, because he is just a great person to be around.

That sums up the news from my week. This next one should prove to be more interesting.


Elder Hancock



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