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P.S. On Crimea–The situation here is odd. Just about everyone outside of Crimea thinks that it is pretty bad. Russia did a couple of things to get the people’s opinion in their favor. They cut off all sources to Ukrainian news channels and only played Russian channels. On these channels, they were reporting that many people have been walking around Kiev and other parts of western Ukraine and killing people if they did not know how to speak Ukrainian. So people in Russia, Crimea, and eastern parts of the country think that there is this huge genocide going on in the western part. And with that view, it is easy to understand their choice to switch. I am not sure if it will stop here. Crimea needs some access to Russian soil, and the only way to do that quickly is to take the land access through Ukraine, which would mean more seizing of the country. They are currently building a bridge, but people don’t know how long it will take to complete. It is all pretty messy. Things are calm right now. Several members of the branch have left to go protest in Crimea.


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