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Hump Day

July 28, 2014


This week marked the start of a new transfer for me and a new companion. I am now serving with Elder H. Still in Chernigov, and my old companion, Elder A, is still here serving with a different elder. It’s kind of like living around an ex who has a new significant other. Just completely weird, but things are good overall.


Elder H and I have been hitting contacting on the streets. It’s very hard to find new people to teach, but this week brought the most cold responses I have ever received. So many people would not even take a second to talk with us, and several said that we should go get ourselves killed in the East. I had absolutely no idea why it was as difficult as it was.


Today I have very limited time and cannot write much, so for this I apologize. But not much happened this week that is worth writing about, so what little I have written summarizes a lot.


I also think that it is worth mentioning that in three days will be my year mark as a missionary.




Elder Hancock


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