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Short and Sweet

June 1, 2015

This Monday we were surprised to see what is probably my fourth or fifth successful member referral turn into an investigator. While visiting with our bishop last week his daughter mentioned to us that she has in recent history began dating a young man by the name of D. More importantly, she asked that we start meeting with him and set up for Monday evening this last week.

Upon walking out of the metro and seeing who this person was, my hopes of anything good coming out of the following hour quickly dropped. He is nineteen years old and looked like a complete hoodlum. The guitar wrapped around his back, paired with the arrogant step in his walk, dropped my opinion of him on par with my thoughts of Drake Bell in his younger years. This was even more intensified as he began to open his mouth, because the emphasis was not to find out about us, but rather to seem tough in front of the girl who referred him.

The first seven minutes were going to kill me as we walked around answering insincere questions, but then things changed. I cannot remember what was said, but very suddenly we actually caught his interest. He actually wanted to know what we had to say so we found a bench outside a park and sat down. By the end of teaching he agreed to keep meeting with us. I can see that he really does want to know more and it came as a refreshing surprise in the end.

Honestly speaking, I am fatigued in writing this email. It has taken me thirty minutes just to get this much written down, as my brain is more or less not functioning today. Sadly it is going to be a short one…

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Elder Hancock


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